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Is FBA Masterclass by Tom Wang a Scam? An Honest Review

Sure, you came across a Tom Wang ad on YouTube or whatever social media platform, making loud claims on how Amazon is the best thing ever. 

My purpose of this article is so you have the facts. That way you have real expectations because starting on Amazon is not always as easy as it seems. Without proper expectations, you could set yourself back. 

Today I'll help you have a better look into Tom, FBA Masterclass and whether or not it’s even worth your time.

Let's go ahead.

FBA Masterclass Review

You can have a glimpse of some of the chapters in the image , topics, as well as the introductory message below to get a better idea - in total there is over 200 training modules. 

Amazon is always changing, but the good thing is the course is always up to date with the latest news:

Exclusive Bonuses ????

Tom Wang saw our review and has reached out and is giving my readers exclusive bonuses (only available through the link).

Please note this doesn't change how I feel about his course. He asked to change some things on this blog post but I told him to fuck off as this is how I honestly feel. 

Is It Real? Is This Masterclass Worth Your Time and Money?

As we start in Tom’s online training, you are introduced to Tom, his background, and his reason for venturing off to start selling products on Amazon.

You immediately get an idea of who he is as a person, too, and how different this line of work is. He also highlights that his friend introduced the idea to him, and later on, he decided to pursue it as well.

"Hi, My name is Tom Wang. I was a regular guy who had a great 9 to 5 job, but I knew I always wanted to start a side business selling stuff online." Wang shares.

He expresses the need to share with others (also expressed in his ads) how to go about the same.

His success has led him to help most people venture into FBA businesses, and he claims that it can work for anyone and everyone. More so, it has guided him to start in-person workshops, coaching, and even currently online workshops as this Masterclass.

Actually, on that fact, it will be hard for you to miss the on-screen graphics that come across the screen displaying multiple students' and their success stories.

Some people might be turned off by his messages at first, but what he teaches is actually very useful.

He leads you to more insights on his methods and essential pointers to help you start and establish yourself in this business.

For example, the "single product profit system." where you start by choosing a single product. Something under 50$ that consumers cannot do without or sells all year round. The product is better if it's small, simple, and lightweight within the 100-200 gap (indicating lower competition). This process can also be termed as "an impulse buy."

And that's just the beginning; other notable things addressed in this training are:

  • Lifestyle business tips
  • Evolutionary nature of businesses on the internet leading to erratic consumer patterns and behaviours.
  • Nature of Amazon and how it works
  • What we've discussed briefly; How to find a product as well as generate income selling on Amazon

The training offers excellent insight into the FBA world, allowing you to step in with a better understanding with more confidence and direction.

Is There A Secret To His Success?

Tom mentions that the central part lies within their "bottom-source" process.

Anyone can find hot products, but if you can't keep your costs down, you're going to struggle to make a profit. That's why Tom and his team will contact up to 60 suppliers to find the ultimate deal!

What a headache!!! Yikes

Sounds awful, doesn't it? Then you factor in how jam-packed the FBA market is, the cost of start-up capital you require (FBA Masterclass costs you $8,997 in addition to a couple of thousands for your first round of inventory and another thousand or so for ads). I understand and see how hard it is for one to want anything to do with this.

But is this Worth it?

Is Tom Wang a Trustworthy Source? Or this is just another scam.

What I can find from his social media and other research, everything he is giving forward carries' validity. However, he might come across as just any other internet guru at first. 

By my research, I’ve found that Tom is one of the few FBA sellers who has built and sold a business.

And you can see the proof here. (On the page and in the image below, you can see his business Sdara Skincare has been bought out by Thrasio)

Some claim that the information he pulls through is picked from various people in the same field of work. His claim that he might not know how long he can offer his advice and information appears to be false.

I believe it is in his interest to get as many people to see and hear his ideas, picking up the same type of work for themselves in the present into the new future.

Final Thoughts

The thing is, you may agree or disagree with how he is on social media, but you cannot deny Tom has real results. And if you actually look into his students, they are real people with real results and have great things to say about him. 

Do your own due diligence. 

But based on my judgment he is a trustworthy source. After doing lots of research online, I only found some people are complaining about the price of his program. But other than that everyone else is very happy. 

Whether you find Tom and his training annoying or not, information is a beyond bargain kind of deal. You take what you need and use what you want.

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